Making Coffee On The Road

There are many ways one can make coffee while traveling. Perhaps the easiest way would be a scoop of instant coffee in a cup of hot water. However, being the coffee snob I’ve turned into in my elder age, I knew this would not work for me. It was also important for us to stay on budget this summer to maximize the length of our time off from work.

What I found works best is the Aeropress.

The Aeropress provides a single cup serving and is to easy cleanup.

To get the water to a quick boil I use my JetBoil.

You could easily purchase ground coffee. I typically purchase whole bean and use my hand grinder to get a nice fresh cup of coffee every morning. I also try to stay under a certain budget with coffee. I like to try and always buy locally roasted beans. This ends up usually working out with our budget since I drink much less coffee than if sitting at home and working all day. I’ve noticed that a small bag of beans maybe 12oz or so will last 2 weeks instead of 1 week.


My Process:

  1. Start up the JetBoil with enough water
  2. Using the provided coffee scoop from Aeropress add beans to grinder and grind. I use a finer grind, not fine like espresso but close.
  3. Insert new paper filter into Aeropress Tube
  4. Add ground coffee to Tube
  5. Add hot water and stir. Typically I go to the ‘3’ mark – until all the grounds have been submerged.
  6. Press water and grounds down using the syringe press
  7. Pop used coffee and paper filter into proper waste container
  8. Clean syringe off with a towel

That’s it. So much easier to clean up than if trying to use a french press.

We’ve been on the road since May 2019 this year and I’ve used my Aeropress every day!


My AeroPress and JetBoil setup












Enjoying a fresh coffee at Arches National Park

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