Our Adventure Begins…



Our home just before we left. April 2015

The Xterra is packed. Our animals are loaded up. We were ready to go!

We lived in this home for several years and it was a blast. It was our first house together. We had many great parties and wonderful neighbors. It was bitter sweet to leave it. However, we were both super stoked to be on our way to Washington for Meg’s first assignment as a travel nurse.

The trip out to Washington was a lot of fun. We had gone as far as Glacier National Park in the past, but neither of us had been further west then that. It would be around 2,000 miles out to Washington. It took us a few days. Stopping in various hotels along the way and driving 8-10 hours a day. Having to stop to let the dog out and bunny to hop around too of course.

Each State we drove through

When driving to get somewhere you unfortunately pass up a lot of great places to explore. Each state had its own uniqueness to it. South Dakota for example, has a ton of billboards for a certain place (if you’ve ever driven through you know what I’m talking about). Idaho was spectacular. I’d love to get back and explore the northern half of Idaho. Perhaps one day.

Upon arriving in Washington we were greeted with beautiful warm weather. As you can tell from the picture above, we were leaving a chilly Illinois. We were both so excited to be travelling and now we were ready to experience what Washington had to provide. Which as we found out was a lot!

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