Our First Travelversary

Spring 2015 we left our home for Washington. Everything was so uncertain. Would we like the pacific northwest? Could I adjust to working in a new hospital? Would we be homesick?

My whole life had always been so predictable, go to college, get married, buy a house… I worked, lived, went to college all within a 40 mile radius of my home. I had been at the same hospital since graduating 8 years prior. Most of my family and my high school friends lived close by. When we left, there were so many unknowns in our future… it was thrilling.

Fast-forward 1 year. We are living in San Diego, we have seen the whole coast, I have worked in 3 new hospitals, I have learned so much, we have met new people, I have been reacquainted with family that I hadn’t seen in years, I have spent almost every moment with my husband, we have experienced all of this together, we are closer as a couple than ever before.

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